By: Ben Johnson


Swarm is a simple game where a player is trapped in a graveyard with nothing more than a gun, an axe, and an endless horde of spiders to fight. In the game you start with no ammo and must fight with your axe until the spiders begin dropping ammo packs, but beware as the spiders will fight back if you get to close to them. While this game may seem simple, it was designed as a test for using the built in Unity FPS controller with a basic weapon system. Using the scripts created for this program it would be relatively simple to create an FPS game with multiple weapons, ammo types, and abilities. All assets used in this game are not my property and were taken from the Unity store. You can find them all under the free assets sections.

Known Bugs

  • In order to pick up both weapons you must first pick up one, hit q to switch to the empty slot, and the you can pick up the other.
  • Gun is missing a muzzle flash. While it would not be hard to add one, I’ve moved on from this project as it was just a test and I’d rather not continue tweaking it unless it is a major fix.


  • W, A, S, D – Move player.
  • Q – Switch weapons
  • Mouse – Aim/Look
  • Left Mouse Button – Attack
  • Space – Jump