Anime Girl


While experimenting with character design ideas for a game I am working on I decided to try a quick design exercise and googled reference images for characters. While filtering through the numerous results I eventually found an interesting pencil sketched charactered that I decided I wanted to reproduce. After downloading the image I immediately began modeling and sculpting until I eventually had a pretty accurate reproduction of the base character. Sadly it was at this point I began modeling the clothing and my fears were realized, I had accidently modeled an anime school girl. Regretfully it was a bit late in the design process to change the character and I was too busy the sketch new clothing for someone elses image (not to mention I am not exactly good a drawing characters) so I pushed on. The both fortunate and unfortunate result is below. This quick exercise in modeling taught me one valuable lesson, make sure you know what you are modeling before you start, otherwise you have a lot of awkward explaining to do when you finish.