Tim and Elizabeth


In hopes of further improving my modeling skills I decided to cruise on over to YouTube and watch some tutorial videos. It was there that I stumbled upon the very talented D-Dub Show and his excellent tutorial series about making a Tim Burton style character in Blender. While unfortunately I had some trouble here and there with things like the hair particle system which apparently hated my characters eye brows (if I didn’t add the modifier in the incorrect order the hair would always appear on the models teeth) and character conversion (for some reason changing Tim’s base modeling into Elizabeth caused the entire rigging system to break) I think everything came out quite well. Unfortunately since Elizabeths rig completely broke I was unable to mover her around in the final renders so while she still works in her own file (not pictured here) she is pretty boring when hanging out with Tim (no only because of his creepy suspicious look).

While working on this series I learned a lot about modeling including facial animation, rigging, texture painting, clothing creation, and much much more. I highly recommend the Tim Burton Style character video to anyone who may be unfamiliar with character modeling in Blender and is willing to deal with Blenders seemingly endless list of bugs.