A simple board game for 2 or more players ages 5 and up.

Created By


  • 1 gameboard (15 x 5 space grid)
  • 35 rock pieces (glass gems)
  • 4 different colored player pieces
  • 1 six-sided die


Safely navigate your inner tube (player piece) through a dangerous river filled with rapids, rocks, and people who want to push you around.


  1. Begin setting up the board by laying it out of a flat surface and placing all 4 player pieces at the first 5 square long line. This line is the top of the river and the line on the opposite side of the board is the goal.
  2. After the player pieces are at the top of the board each player takes turns placing rocks anywhere on the like on the board excluding the top line of the river. Rocks cannot be placed on a tile if it completely prevents players from reaching the goal line. After every rock has been placed on the board each player may remove any one rock of their choice.
  3. The board is now completely setup and the game begins starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise.

How to Play

During their turn a player will:

  1. Roll the die
  2. Move their player piece the number of spaces shown on the die in any direction.
    1. Players may not move onto a space with a rock on it.
  3. If the player stops on a space with another player on it they must push the other players game piece one space in any direction.
    1. If the other player is pushed into a rock they Wipe Out and move their game piece off the board next to the line they Wiped Out on. At the start of their next turn they may place their game piece on any space on the line and the immediately end their turn.
  4. After the player has finished moving their turn ends.

After all players have moved, the player closest to the starting line may decide the boards Rapids. To decide the rapids they pick one direction (up, down, left, or right) and push every player piece one space in that direction. If a player is pushed into a rock they will Wipe Out and have to wait until their turn to place their game piece back on the board. If two or more players are tied for the closest to start they must roll the die and the player with the highest number wins control of the Rapids.

The first player to reach the goal line of the board wins the game. For longer games players can move their piece back to the top after reaching the goal and race to be the first to reach the goal 3 or 5 times. If playing a longer game the person who has reached the goal the least and is closed to the starting line controls the Rapids.