The Quest – For the Life Stones

A basic strategy game for 2 players ages 13 and up.


Created By:



  • One game board.
  • One deck of printed game cards or a deck of standard poker cards.
    • If you are using poker cards the face cards represent Move Forward Two Spaces (Jack), Move Backward Two Spaces (Queen), Draw Two Item Cards (King), and Empty Backpack (Ace) Artifacts and the numeric cards are Traps whose strength is determined by their numeric value.
  • 2 six-sided dice.
  •  2 player pieces, one black and one white.
  • 14 glass gems.



Be the first explorer to gather 7 legendary stones housed in the temple while gathering Traps and Artifacts to slow down your rival explorer.


  1. Lay the board down on a flat surface and place all the stones in the Dimensional Vault and the player pieces on the respective starting spaces.
  2. Now that all the game pieces have been placed, you and your opponent decide who will go first with the competition of your choice (dice roll, rock-paper-scissors, etc.)


How to Play

During their turn a player will:

  1. Roll both dice.
  2. The player then picks one of the dice and draws that many cards from the deck and places them in their Backpack (hand).
  3. If the player has more than five cards in their Backpack they must discard until they have exactly 5 cards or less.
  4. The player then moves their games piece toward their opponents starting space (the players goal) the number of spaces on the remaining die.
    • If the player lands on a Trap (face down card) they must play one card from their Backpack onto the table and flip the trap face up.
      • If the players card has a lower value than the placed Trap card, they fail to disarm the Trap must move their game piece back to start.
      • If the players card has a higher value than the placed Trap card, both Trap cards are removed from the board.
      • If the placed Trap card was really an Artifact card they must immediately activate it’s effect (see materials for effects if you are using poker cards).
    • If the player lands on an empty space they may place any Trap or Artifact card from their Backpack face down on the space.
    • If the player lands on the same space as their opponent they do not activate any face down Traps and instead battle the opponent. To battle each player places three Trap or Artifact cards face down on the table. The player with the highest sum (Artifacts are 0) wins and stays on the space. THe player with the lowest sum goes back to start and gives their remaining cards to their opponent.
    • If a player has moved onto the opponents starting space (or past it) they collect one blue power stone and return to their starting space.
  5. After a player has finished moving their turn is over.