Keep Calm and Carry On

A strategy game about the struggles faced by the 1940’s British city of Coventry while being under constant bombardment of the Germans Luftwaffe airforce. This game is recommended for 4 players ages 13 and up.

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  • One deck of territory cards (25 cards)
  • One deck of mission cards (10 cards)
  • One deck of donation cards (30 cards)
  • 4 player pieces
  • 40 colored territory markers (10 markers for each player. Use one color per player)
  • Pack of follower stones (many)
  • Pack of damage tokens (25)
  • 25 parish markers
  • 2 dice


Be the first suffragan bishop to build ten parishes or have the most parishes after every territory has been built on.



Each Territory card represents one part of the city of coventry and has an image on it to determine which type of territory it is.

  • Industrial Territory (image of a factory): The owner of this Territory may add one Building Materials Donation card to their hand at the start of each of their turns the Territory is undamaged.
  • Commercial Territory (image of a shopping cart): The owner of this Territory may add one Cash Donation to their hand at the start of each of their turns if the Territory is undamaged.
  • Residential Territory (image of a house): The owner of this Territory may add one Follower Stone to this territory at the start of their turn if the Territory is undamaged and the Territory has less than 10 Follower Stones on it.

Suffragan Bishop Abilities

When a player stops on any Territory other than Haigh’s Parish they may use one of the following abilities after paying its Donation cost:

  • Gather Volunteers: Remove on Damage Token from the current territory.
    • Cost: One Building Material Donation card or two Cash Donation cards.
  • Promote Family Wellness: Add Follower Stones to the current Territory.
    • Cost: One Cash Donation card per Follower Stone.
  • Attract Followers: Remove Follower Stones from the current Territory and place half of them on any opponent Territory and the other half on any one of your Territories. The total follower stones on any Territory may not exceed 10.
    • Cost: One Building Material Donation card per Follower Stone.
  • Build Parish: Add a Parish marker to the Territory if it has 10 Follower Stones. The Parish belongs to whoever owns the Territory even if it is the player who built it is not the owner.
    • Cost: Two Building Material Donation cards and Two Cash Donation cards.

Haigh Missions

If during their turn a player accomplishes the task on their Haigh Mission card they may choose any Territory on the board that does not have a Parish marker on it and is adjacent to any Territory they own and replaces the original owners Territory Marker with their own.

Unoccupied Territories

If at any point a Territory has no Follower Stones and no Parish Marker on it then the owners Territory Marker is removed. If there is no Territory Marker on a Territory then the first player to add Follower Stones to it may place one of their Territory Markers on the Territory.


  1. Dealer places the Haigh’s Parish card in center of the board and places a single Parish Marker on top of it.
  2. Dealer then places the remaining Territory cards randomly face up around Haigh’s Parish forming a 5 x 5 card grid with Haigh’s Parish in the center.
  3. Each player picks one Territory adjacent to Haigh’s Parish and places one of their Territory Markers and a Parish Marker on top of it.
  4. After all players have picked their starting Territory they take turns picking one Territory at a time and placing only a Territory Marker on it.
    • All Territories must be adjacent to another Territory that the player owns.
    • Players cannot pick Haigh’s Parish.
    • If there are no vacant adjacent Territories for the player to claim then current player must skip their turn.
  5. After all Territories have been picked players then place one Follower Stone on each of their territories.
  6. The game is now completely setup and may begin.

How to Play

During their turn a player will:

  1. At the start of their turn a player will add one Building Materials Donation card for each of their undamaged Industrial Territories and one Cash Donation card for each of their undamaged Commercial Territories.
    • If there are not enough Donation cards left in the deck then the player may only pick up what is available (all used Donation cards should be returned to the deck).
  2. After gathering their Donation cards the player then rolls one die.
  3. The player can then move their player token the amount of spaces shown on the die in any direction.
  4. Depending on the Territory card the player lands on they can either:
    1. Draw a Mission Card if they land on Haigh’s Parish and they do not already own one.
    2. Use a Suffragan Bishop ability if they are on any Territory other than Haigh’s Parish.
    3. Choose not to use an ability.
  5. After the player has decided what they want to do on the Territory they end their turn and the next players turn begins.

After all players have had one turn, one player then rolls both dice and adds their values together. Any territory with the same number as the summed value of the dice is hit by the Luftwaffe air force and must have 4 Follower Stones (or as many as possible) removed from it and one Damage Token added on top of the territory.

If at the end of their turn a player has 10 Parishes, or every Territory has a Parish then the game is over and the player with the most Parishes wins.