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Adventure Game Test


by: Ben Johnson


This is an attempt to create a simple adventure game that works similarly to the 3D Legend of Zelda games. In this adventure you start off in a prison with a single NPC who allows you to leave, you then later find two more NPCs with a simple quest, and finally you battle your way past a guard and the prison boss. This game features several camera systems including a standard chase camera, a targeting camera for combat, and a first person camera to line up jumps and get a better view of the world. In this game all models are made of simple geometry to avoid any of the quirks with animation and allowing me to focus on recreating the basic game and camera system of The Legend of Zelda.


  • W and S – Move Character Vertically
  • A and D – Rotate Character Left and Right
  • Mouse/Left Control – Attack
  • Space – Action (Talk, Roll, Open Door)
  • Q – Use Targeting System
  • I and K – Look Up or Down (enables first person look camera until player hits Q to cancel)