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Updates For Spider Swarm


By: Ben Johnson


In preparation for creating my first video game trailer, I have updated some of the visual aspects for Spider Swarm to hopefully produce a better video without lying about the gameplay. While I am sure it would  have been much easier to just take the environment models and use Blender to make a full CGI trailer like many games do now a days, it felt a lot like lying to me if the footage show was not something you could actually expect to happen in gameplay. As a gamer I personally hate when games try to pull this cheap trick of not showing you what the real game is and instead just glossing it over with something mildly related. Hopefully with these updates I will be able to create a fun an interesting demo trailer to post here in the coming weeks. Thankfully most of the visual changes we possible due to the animations that came pre-made for the fantasy spider model in the Unity asset store.


Change Log

  • Added a basic muzzle flash for the rifle.
  • When spawning enemies burst out of the ground.
  • When dying enemies sink back into the ground after their death animation is finished.
  • Enemies now have hit animations (2 unique ones) and hit sound effects (2 unique ones).
  • Enemies now have an additional death animation and more death sound effects.
  • Enemies now have an additional attack animation and more attack sound effects.
  • Rest period now has a count down timer to keep player ready for incoming spiders.
  • Spiders are a little less likely to climb on top of each other in large numbers.
  • Spiders now use a third spawn zone.
  • Spiders now spawn in smaller groups rather than all at once per wave.
  • Added small ammo pack in the beginning of the scene.
  • Axe now uses a sound effect when swung.
  • Attacks no longer loop instantly, they now wait for their animation/sound to finish before looping.
  • Added different music for both battling and resting. Note that the battling music is from the video game Pain Killer and is not mine.
  • Lowered player max hp to 200 as the rifle makes things too easy for 500.
  • Lowered ammo boost from ammo boxes to only grant 15 shots.



  • W, A, S, D – Move player.
  • Q – Switch weapons
  • Mouse – Aim/Look
  • Left Mouse Button – Attack
  • Space – Jump